Commercial Roofing

(Includes asphalt and coal tar pitch): Built-up Roofing (BUR) consists of built-up layers of asphalt and plies that can be covered with a capsheet (or surfacing material). 

Metal roofs come in a variety of textures and colors a feature metal sheets that are resistant to corrosion and durable. These roofing systems are attached by a fastener to the roof deck.

Modified bitumen is bitumen (asphalt or tar) modified with plastic and layered with reinforcing materials then topped with a surfacing material.  Like BURs, the radiative properties of modified bitumen (mod bit for short) are determined by the surfacing material. Cool roof option available to assist with UV absorption and cooling costs.

Single-ply roofing is a prefabricated sheet of rubber polymers that is laid down in a single layer over a low or steep-sloped roof. The single-ply membrane can be loose-laid and weighted down with ballast or pavers or firmly set on the roof and attached with mechanical fasteners or adhesives. Cool roofing option available to assist with UV absorption and cooling costs.

Ethylene Propylene diene monomer. This is a single-ply low-slope roof system that is constructed by sheets of rubber and joined together to make a waterproof membrane. It is a durable synthetic rubber derived from oil and natural gas and is commonly used on commercial roofing systems.